Telemetry Auditing

Joule provides the ability to audit inbound and outbound events to support testing, model validation and retraining plus many other uses

The auditing process systematically records both incoming and outgoing events, assembling them into batches that are written to the in-memory SQL database at predefined intervals. It's important to note that this feature is optional, allowing users to choose whether or not to enable it based on their specific needs.


This example will write every inbound and outbound event to the in-memory database every 10 seconds using cloned events for inbound and the resulting event from the final processing step.

telemetry auditing:
    clone events: true
    frequency: 10
    clone events: false
    frequency: 10

Inbound events are defined as raw and outbound as processed.

Core Attributes

Configuration parameters available.

AttributeDescriptionData TypeRequired

clone events

Flag to inform the platform to perform a deep copy of the event.

Boolean Default: false


Frequency in seconds to write events to the internal in-memory database. Setting must be greater or equal to 5 seconds

Integer Default: 5 Secs

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