Core concepts

Joule enables you to build stream processing pipelines that subscribes to source data and publish processed events to destination sinks


The following sections describes the concepts you need to know to use Joule.

Event Sources

Data sources provide Joule with the required data to execute use cases. Fractalworks has provided a number of ready to use implementations to enable you to start building use cases.

Implementations include

  • Kafka

  • RabbitMQ

  • File Watcher

  • Minio S3

  • Rest

  • MQTT

See sources documentation for further details

Stream Processors

Processors form the core of the Joule platform. A processor performs a distinct unique function when chained with others form a business use case

Implementations include

  • Enricher

  • Transformations

  • Online prediction

  • Event window analytics

  • And much more

See processors documentation for further details

Data Sinks

Data sinks enable Joule to integrate to downstream systems which provide further value to additional business cases

Implementations include

  • Kafka

  • Websocket

  • SQL Databases

  • InfluxDB

  • Apache Geode

  • And much more

See sinks documentation for further details

Joule Domain Specific Language

The Joule platform provides a Domain Specific Language (DSL) to define use cases using human-readable yaml syntax.

See Joule DSL documentation for further details

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