Quickly learn more about Joule

What would make me use Joule?

Low-code use case driven process, standard data connector integrations, OOTB processors, analytics first approach plus more.

Spend one hour using the platform we love to gain feedback on whats good and what needs to be improved.

Do you support machine learning?

In short yes. Online ML model support is provided using the openscoring JPMML library. Supported models include Random Forest, XGBoost, K-Means, NN, regression, Bayesian etc

Do you have a SDK?

Joule ships with a SDK to enable developers to build advanced analytics, data connectors and sinks, and custom stream processors.

Can i run Joule on bare metal?

Yes, yes and hell yes. Download one of the example use case project or use the project template to get started.

Is Joule a ETL tool?

Not really. Joule wasn't designed to be a ETL tool although it does exhibit some of the feature characteristics.

Can you do Reverse ETL?

Yes. Joule can present domain data structures using Avro schema when using the Kafka publishing connector.

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