Joule Overview

Joule is a low code use case platform designed to define, deploy and pilot at pace.
Joule is a Low Code Platform for use case development. Joule brings simplicity to developing use cases by providing an expressive language to define processing pipelines through the use of prebuilt and custom processors, an embedded in-memory database, data sources and sinks.
Out-of-the-box Joule provides standard data connector implementations as well as core processors to enable you to start building use cases.


Low Code DSL

The ley reason why this system was built was to provide an easy method to build use cases with reusable assets while delivering business impact at pace.
- filter:
expression: "symbol != 'A'"
- time window:
emitting type: tumblingQuoteAnalytics
aggregate functions:
MIN: [ask, bid]
MAX: [ask, bid]
type: tumblingTime
window size: 5000