Running examples

Getting the examples running locally

Once the infrastructure is running it's time to start running the use case. All the configurations have been provided so its simply the task of updating a single app.env file under the conf directory. The initial use cases have been pre-configured and ready to run. All you will need to do is the following

  • Start Joule processor/s

  • Start event simulator

Single Joule Processor

This method will fire up a single Joule processing unit using the base start and stop scripts.

Start Joule

Start up the Joule process. Joule will use the conf/app.env configuration as its executing use case.


Start Quote generator

By starting the quote simulator events will be published to Kafka ready for Joule to consume and process


Shutting down processes

To stop the running processes just execute the below under the directory of which you started the processes


Clean up environment

Once you have run the example and viewed the results you can cleanup the environment by running the below script.


Joule Cluster

This method will fire up a set of Joule processing units using the base scripts along with wrapper scripts to generate, start and stop joule processes. Note this is a very loose definition of a cluster , its simply a set of processes executing within a local environment without all the frills of cluster management and tooling.

Setup Cluster

Create a set of joule process directories ready for futher configurations.

./bin/ -j 3


If you have enabled the rest api the port will need to be incremented for each process in the file.

Start Cluster

This is sequentially start each process within there own local directory. Logging and data will be generated locally to the process directory.


Stop Cluster

This is sequentially stop each process within there own local directory.


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